Find out if the Amazon app for movies is any good


Who doesn't like to watch a movie in their free time? In addition, nowadays it is possible to have access to several options to choose from in apps. Furthermore, with several players available on the market, including amazon app, it is difficult to know not only which movie to watch, but also which of the apps is worth subscribing to.

Amazon, created in the USA, has increasingly conquered the homes of Brazilian families. But is the movie app any good? After a makeover in 2016, today the app occupies a prominent place. What's more, he is one of the main players of movies and series. Being a strong competitor of the famous Netflix.


However, there can be some indecision when having to choose between one platform or another. Therefore, analyze whether Amazon's monthly plan is worth it, if the movies and series present in the app are good, and what are the device options available to watch them. So, see more information about the app below.

amazon app
amazon app (image from Google)

Learn more about subscribing to amazon app

There are several factors that must be evaluated to know if the amazon app it is indeed worth it. For example, the value of the monthly plan. Therefore, for almost 3 years, since Amazon Prime arrived in the country, the video platform has been part of Amazon's service plan.

Prime subscription can be made from a payment of R$14.90 per month. If you prefer to get a discount, the annual plan can be purchased for R$119.00. In addition to access to streaming movies, series and music, you can enjoy free shipping with no minimum value for products on the Amazon website.

This way, you can do a free trial for 30 days, and if you want to cancel, you can do it within this period without any charge. What's more, with the subscription you'll have access to countless movies and series, as well as original content. Watch anywhere and on up to three devices at once.

Is it worth signing up?

There are several functions that the Amazon movie application can provide you. However, some of them will vary according to the chosen plan. Find out below the advantages of subscribing to Amazon and see if it is worth it or not to be part of the user group of this film and series platform:

  • you will be able to watch the videos and series from the Amazon platform on different devices. In addition, the technology is compatible with Android and iOS mobile device systems. In addition, there is an exclusive app for Windows 10 computers and also the possibility to watch through browsers;
  • have access to an extensive catalog with movies, series, documentaries, shows and reality shows. There are more than 2,000 films, in addition to more than 300 series to enjoy in your spare time;
  • already in the basic plan, you have access to resources such as streaming in 4K and HDR, a situation that is difficult to find in the same plans of basic categories of competitors;
  • access content with Prime Video Channels. With additional monthly fees, you can watch exclusive channels from different companies.

In addition, Amazon Prime Video has subscriptions at a great cost benefit. Furthermore, for just R$14.90 a month, you'll have access to over 2,000 movies and 300 series. As well as features that will provide quality screens in 4K and HDR. So, learn how to subscribe and download the Amazon Movies app.

How to Subscribe and Download the Amazon Movies App

If you liked the functions and advantages of application of Amazon movies, learn how to subscribe and download this entertainment tool. What's more, with more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store and ranked 6th in the Entertainment category on the App Store, Amazon is becoming more and more popular for movie streaming.

In this way, to subscribe and participate in the free trial promotion of up to 30 days of use of the platform, you can access the Amazon Prime Video website. Afterwards, register and confirm the subscription. And ready! The platform will be available to you. If you want to watch movies and series on your cell phone, download the app quickly and conveniently.

The app is available for Android and iOS systems. So, to download it, go to play store and the app store. So, click on install and wait until the end of the process. And ready! The app will be available to be used on your mobile device, just access it with the login and password created at the time of signing up on the website.