Akinator – The mind reading app


Akinator is an application that has a genie in the lamp that reads your mind. Learn more about him below.

Know in advance that the akinator it's not just one of millions of games that exist. In fact, it is one of the game options that is most different from the rest.


In short, this is a genie that starts living on your screen after you download the app. And the best part is that it can guess certain thoughts of the user through some questions.

Anyway, the akinator has been around for some time. However, before it worked via the web and now it already has an application. Today we are going to talk about this interactive game. So be sure to check out more about him. 

Akinator (Google Image)

Meet the genie and soothsayer Akinator

First of all, the akinator is an online game that has been around since 2007. In short, it has a single character: the genie. Thus, he can guess who the user is thinking about.

In this way, it is a game that was first created to work through a website. However, it became so popular that it gained versions for other platforms.

Today, it is possible to enjoy the guessing game using the app on mobile devices (Android, Windows Mobile and iOS). In addition, you can also access it directly from its website.

How does he manage to guess

As you may already know, the genie can guess certain thoughts of those who are playing. However, he can only guess characters. So you can think of any character and he will guess.

But, have you ever thought about how he manages to guess? In fact, it's simpler than you might think, despite involving more complex processes. 

So, the game works from algorithms and databases. Also, the guessing principle here is probability. Through the questions you answer for him, the genie can guess by elimination.

What questions can the genie ask to guess?

As we said before, the genie can guess who the player is thinking about by asking a few questions. Just to exemplify the gameplay, let's address some of these questions.

  • “Does your character live in Brazil?”
  • “Does or Does the character wear women’s clothes?”
  • “Is your character a girl?”
  • “Does the character wear a mask?”
  • “Is your character dead?”
  • “Did your character make the movie 'Titanic'?”

Anyway, the number of questions depends on the difficulty the genie is having to guess the character. Then, in the sequence, the genie will try to guess the character.

For this, he presents options for personalities with his photos. Thus, it is up to the player to answer whether the shown option is really right or not. If the answer is wrong, he will ask more questions until he guesses correctly.

How to play Akinator in the Web version

Before learning how to use the game through the application, how about learning more about the game in its Web version? The best part is that it's all very simple and the first thing you need to do is access the Akinator's website.

Second, you must think of a specific character. In this part, you can think of characters from movies and series, popular or not. The ideal is to test the knowledge of the genius.

Then the genie will ask you some questions to help you guess. On the other hand, you will have to answer each question with options of “yes” or “no”. In the end, it will show you the result, which may or may not be correct.

What is the difference between the Web version and the Mobile version

For a long time, people played akinator through its website. Among many advantages was the ease of playing. However, the mobile version of the game brought even more benefits.

Therefore, it is possible to say that one of the main differences is that in the application each user can create their account. This makes earning rewards, ranking users and challenges possible.

In addition, another advantage is that those who play through the mobile application can customize the game. In particular, you can customize the genie's appearance.

How to download the Akinator mind reading app?

First of all, the mind-reading genie app is available for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Thus, it is worth noting that you can use it on both Android and iOS devices.

That said, all you have to do is search for “akinator” in your app store. To make your search easier, here are the links to the app in the respective stores: app store It is play store.

After downloading and waiting for the installation to complete, you can now use your application. So start by creating your account in the app and start playing!