Discover the best apps to make Reels


If you use Instagram, you must have heard about reels. O reels is nothing more than a tool present in the social network application itself. Translating into Portuguese, reels means spool. It is a short and dynamic type of video of up to one minute. However, there are apps that also help edit videos to publish on reels from Instagram.

These apps can help you create more popular as well as more attractive videos. They have a variety of features and gimmicks, such as nominating currently popular hashtags and challenges. This way, with them you can make your creations appear to more users, ensuring greater chances of going viral.


O reels Instagram is becoming more popular every day, even more so with the success of TikTok, which has changed the way content is produced. Thus, making it common to create shorter videos with choreographies, tips, humor scripts, among others. Therefore, discover below the best apps to create and edit reels.

reels (Image from Google)

create your own reels with the CapCut app

With over 100 million downloads on Play and Store and ranking #1 in the Photo & Video category on the App Store, CapCut is a popular free video editor. Besides, it's a complete app that offers a range of tools so you can use your creativity to edit your photos and videos however you want.

That way, when using the app you'll have access to practical tools that will make your edits easy and fast. Therefore, the app offers high-quality filters and effects, as well as a variety of fonts to add to phrases and texts in videos, as well as a library of hits and other hit songs.

If you liked the functions of this app and want to download it, learn how to do it quickly and conveniently. So go to the Play Store or App Store and download it. After that, wait for the installation to finish. And ready! The app will now be available for use on your cell phone and you will have a range of resources to create your own reels.


Like the app mentioned in the previous topic, InShot also edits videos and photos. In addition, its high-quality features have brought it over 100 million downloads on the Play Store, and it has earned the 9th position in the Photo & Video category on the App Store. See the advantages of InShot:

  • with the app, access basic video editing, such as cutting, splitting a video into clips, joining videos and controlling the speed from 0.2 to 100 times. As well as, create slideshows, rewind and flip the video;
  • using the app, access advanced video editing, such as making green screen videos, inserting photos, animations, texts and videos over a clip and inserting shape mask in PIP;
  • put music in your videos, extract audios, synchronize the sound with the video in a practical way. As well as, with the recorder, put your own voice in the moments you want. Plus, get access to a library of fun sound effects;
  • Want to insert two videos into the same clip? Therefore, choose between the different options of transition effects to add between them;
  • with the app, edit your video's proportions according to the platform you want to publish.

That way, with InShot you'll be able to create and edit videos as if you were a professional in the field, in addition to leaving them with high quality. If you like the functions and benefits of using the InShot app, go to the Play Store or the App Store and download it. After the installation is complete, the app will be ready to use on your phone.


As you already know, the reels It's an Instagram tool. In this way, the app offers a field with all the necessary resources to create and edit a short video to be published on the platform. So, if you don't want to resort to other apps, know that using just Instagram your experience will be complete.

That way, you can use the app to record videos, create sequences and even edit them your way. Also, have access to music and filters, as well as fun audio for dubbing. Also, choose from the many effects you want to enrich your video.

Also, access the reels in the app itself with the videos that are most popular at the moment. So, if you like the features and this new video template and want to try it out, go to play store or the app store and download the application. And ready! The app will be available for use.