Globoplay – How to watch Globo live using the app


First of all, the Globoplay is the name of the TV Globo streaming application. In recent years, many television stations have started to invest in their own content applications.

In addition to being easier to watch titles, these streaming apps allow for a better experience for users. That's because they have superior image quality and a lot of variety to watch.


In this way, the application Globoplay It is widely used in Brazil and other countries. Below, check out more details about the Brazilian streaming platform and learn how to use it to watch incredible titles.

Globoplay (Image from Google)

Discover the Globe app

Recently launched, the Globo application already has many users. So, like other streaming platforms, Globoplay offers many titles between national and international.

However, one of the biggest differentiators of this application is that it allows users and non-users to watch live programming. In addition, for those who pay for a plan, several titles from Globo itself are available.

That is, with the broadcaster's application, users can watch the most diverse types of content. Just to exemplify, in its catalog there are: soap operas, programs, series, films, newspapers, drawings and much more.

About how the platform works

In short, the operation of Globoplay it's not much different than what's seen on other streaming services. In fact, watching through this app is very simple and practical.

For starters, you can watch using multiple platforms. Thus, there are those who prefer to watch on television, cell phone, tablet, computer or website. In short, you can watch it anywhere and anytime.

If you have a subscription Globoplay, you can watch titles, live programming and you can even download content to watch offline. So, indeed, they are worthwhile services.

What to watch on Globoplay

As stated earlier, the streaming platform has a wide variety of content options. And the best part is that everything is organized into categories, which further improves the user experience.

  • Realities shows, such as Big Brother Brasil;
  • National and international films;
  • National and international series;
  • National and international entertainment programs;
  • Live programming from the TV station;
  • Novels new and old;
  • BBB live;
  • Cartoon.

In this sense, each user can watch what is on live programming in their region. This happens because the Globoplay uses the user's location to stream content from each region.

Moreover, with so much variety it is even difficult to find what to watch sometimes. And that's why the app's catalog is well organized according to genre and content types.

Check out the available subscription plans

Like other platforms that offer a streaming service, Globoplay offers a few subscription plan options. So, just check and choose the plan that best suits your profile.

The simplest monthly plan costs R$24.90. After that, plans vary in price and range from R$38.90 to R$89.90. So, you can choose what kind of content you want to have available and pay for additional services.

It is worth mentioning that users who opt for annual plans have discounts. In addition, upon signing up, they get a few free months of Deezer and other benefits.

Main benefits of subscribing to the platform

First of all, we need to talk about the titles available on Globoplay. Therefore, the main benefit is being able to watch international and national content. In addition to being able to count on live programming.

In addition, another advantage refers to the image quality. All images have a 4K, HDR or HD resolution. However, the quality depends on the speed of each user's Internet connection.

In addition, for those who like old programs and soap operas from the station, there are also many options. So, did you miss that soap opera? just enter the Globoplay and watch it again.

How to download and register on Globoplay

Now that you know more about the Brazilian streaming platform, it's time to learn how to download it. Finally, what you need to do is download the application on your cell phone, download it from play store or in app store.

Next, it is necessary to have a Globo Account. If you have, just log in. Otherwise, enter the site to register, it is very simple and fast. In fact, right after that you can already hire a plan.

Finally, login to your account Globoplay and enter the application. There, you can already start choosing what you want to watch. It is worth remembering that the app is also available on Smart TV.